Are Aphids Making Your Life Hard?

Posted on June 15, 2013

Aphids and LadyBug Aphids are also known, in the Entomology world, as plant lice.  That pretty much sums them up.  Aphids are like a cancer eating away at their host without any concern for its well-being.  Although they can be white (and look a lot like sesame seeds) they can also be black or green.  Aphids are terribly destructive to gardens and farms. They attach themselves to plant leaves and literally suck the life, or sap, out of them.  They're often hiding out deep in the joint of a branch or group of leaves or on the underside of a leaf.  You'll probably notice lots of ants milling about.  Ants actually protect aphids.  They reap the benefit of the sap-suckers but sopping up the sweet stuff.  Hopefully, ladybugs will come by for their favorite dish--aphids!

These pests remind me of people sometimes encountered in life, also known as Energy Vampires.  They serve no beneficial purpose, and suck the life, or energy, out of you.  They act like a cancer eating away at their host without any concern for its well-being. There may even be people, like ants, who protect them because they have something to gain.  Often, you're just minding your own business trying to soak up the sun, grow and blossom like a good plant, er person, when you fall under seige.  You know who they are, because you have that sense of dread when they come around. Undoubtedly, you will become under attack by negativity, stress, hostility and then get totally bummed out.  

The aphids remind me of family members, co-workers, anyone you interact with regularly and even friends.   Do yourself a favor and follow these tips to avoid a situation where an "aphid" may take hold.  

  • You can make subtle shifts in your behavior (move your seat, take a different route, limit your visits or subject of discussion) to avoid spending time with them or getting into anything more than casual conversation.  
  • Depending upon your relationship with the "aphid," you may want to write them a letter explaining how you feel.  Using only positivity and honesty--not being mean.  Unlike aphids, they may just being having a rough time or have a clogged liver and are unaware of the storm cloud they carry with them.  They may appreciate you for it.
  • Connect with a community of like-minded people who make you feel uplifted, rather than downtrodden.
  • Be the role model you wish others would follow.  You know the Golden Rule: "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Others Do Unto You."
  • Know that you have the power to inspire change and be a true leader!

Unfortunately, plants cannot get and move or figuratively slap aphids away, but thankfully, bringing in the Ladybug Brigade will save them from total annihilation.  You can always choose the thoughts that occupy your mind.  You have the right to eliminate thoughts that are negative and unkind. A few well placed banana or orange peels helps your plants too.