Farm Fresh and Frugal

Posted on July 26, 2013

Farmers'Market I love going to farmer's markets on the weekend.  The gorgeous produce is local, organic and I like to support the little guys working hard to give us healthy food.  But there's a trick to not overspending at the farmer's market.

I used to scoff at the fact many farmer vendors accept cash only.  I'm a credit card kinda gal.  But I realized, it will actually save me money if I only go with $20-40.  I will spend less than at the supermarket and get much more value for my money.  

Here are three tips to saving green while keeping green:

1. Have your shopping list written ahead of time, and stick to it.  Buy only what you need or want to try, no need to go overboard.

2. This relates to tip #1.  Plan for the week ahead, don't just purchase what you're out of. What does your upcoming week look like? You don't want to purchase items you won't have time to eat. Remember: fresh, organic food will go bad if it sits too long.   That's the beauty of food meant to be eaten, and not full of chemical and preservatives to ensure it lasts on a shelf. 


3. Try to add at least one of each color of the rainbow to your basket. You will have a nutrient dense array of food that can be eaten raw, steamed, sauteed. You'll have the opportunity to try a new recipe, feel the energy of vitamin rich foods and know that you're feeding your body and family right.

Affordable, Wise and Beautiful . . .here's looking at you kid!

**Bonus tip: don't forget your reuseable, washable totebags.  Fill 'er up! without filling the landfills :)