Happy Birthday to Me!

Posted on June 19, 2013

Happy Birthday!It's my Birthday!  Well, June 16th, but I choose to celebrate all week.  Birthdays are the one day out of the year you can claim as your own.  It's your one day to celebrate yourself.  And why not?  Today is the youngest you will ever be!  

I love love love celebrating birthdays!  Some years are better than others.  Life certainly throws curve balls.  In fact, I lost my Father quite suddenly and dramatically 13 years ago.  And just 10 days after my birthday.  So every June becomes an emotional roller coaster and my stomach really turns to knots when my birthday also falls on Father's Day.

Despite all the joy and heartbreak, my birthday is my day.  I wouldn't have had a birthday if it weren't for my parents and their parents and so on.  I am so grateful for the body I have: it works! I have 10 fingers, 10 toes, legs that move me from place to place, arms that lift things and enable me to reach higher, eyes that see this amazing world (with the help of corrective lenses of course--but that's not an age thing, but another gift I inherited from my Father), ears to hear the sounds of music, birds chirping, cats squeaking, a heart that is healthy and full of compassion (thanks in part to my Father's tragedy that kicked my health regimen into high gear) and a brain full of ideas that can daydream away from the cacophony of construction outside and loud engines and motorcycles revving up the hill.   

Birthdays are an opportunity to take inventory of your life.  Have gratitude for who you are and how far you've gotten.  Are you where you want to be?  You're alive, so every day is an opportunity to make a change, step in a new direction, take action to make a difference, or help others to appreciate their gifts and to realize their full potential.  

I know too many people who just want to forget their birthday each year.  They keep it a secret or hide under the covers until it's over.  Well, it ain't over til it's over baby, so you might as well enjoy it!  Do something special.  Everyone's definition of special is different.  

Take a walk in nature,

Do something that makes you FEEL alive

Throw yourself a party (people will come!)

Have an intimate dinner with close friends or family

Volunteer at an animal shelter, VA, children's organization or old age home.

Age is only a number.  It's not getting older that brings us problems and health issues, it's the neglect and abuse we wreak upon our bodies that builds up over time.  

So each year, on your birthday, celebrate yourself! You're a gift to the world.  If you don't think you are, than act like you are and help make the planet better.  You are capable and beautiful each day that you're alive.  With age comes experience.  From my experience, I learned that good nutrition is the fountain of youth! I've turned back the clock 10 years! Nourishing food healthy relationships and contributing service to others make a body young again.  

Happy Birthday Gemini Twins!  You don't want to look back and regret having wasted this opportunity to enjoy Your day!