How Sweet It Is!

Posted on June 6, 2013

 Tongue cleanerYou've probably been told to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. That can certainly be helpful, but can be hard on your taste buds and not is very effective in cleaning out deep food and bacteria deposits.  Gross.

Well, say hello to my little friend!  The tongue cleaner is a great way to keep your mouth clean, your taste buds stimulated and prevents bad breath.  Four to five strokes of a tongue cleaner after you brush your teeth (twice a day) can help fight cavities by removing bacteria from the mouth.  

Cravings can be reduced because the leftover food residue is gone making it less likely you'll still taste the food and want more!  A tongue cleaner is also great for folks who are saying good-bye to their junk-food habits by reactivating the taste buds.  Over time, processed foods can desensitize your taste buds.  A few swipes of the tongue cleaner will allow you to taste more subtle flavors in foods.  Did you know oranges, apricots and berries actually taste better than the candies with fruit flavorings?  Give this glorious cycle a try.  Notice that when the residue is removed, the better your food tastes, the better your food tastes, the greater the meal satisfaction, the greater the meal satisfaction, the less food you feel the need to eat! 

Tongue cleaning is a traditional Ayurvedic technique which asserts that people who use one are better at public speaking, express themselves more thoughtfully and speak more sincerely and authoritatively. Now hear this:

Perhaps the best advantage of all is that it enhances kissing! Using a tongue cleaner makes your tongue more sweet, fresh and sensitive. Check this out with your chosen partner: make an agreement to clean your tongue twice a day for one week, smooch away and enjoy the difference!