I Made the Connection

Posted on July 25, 2013

Elephant Tries New Things Ah trying new things!  It can be uncomfortable, scary...and liberating?!? What a sense of accomplishment when you are brave and find success! Success may come in baby steps, like holding a new pose or touching your toes for the first time.  But this is why I have a newfound respect and joy for yoga.

Yoga is a way to incrementally increase flexibility, mindfulness, breathing capabilities, strength and determination. Thinking of your/my "self" as being in this world. This makes sense when you consider the very definition of yoga is "union with self." 

So if there are 4 components to "being in this world", they are:

  • being
  • feeling
  • thinking
  • doing

Yoga2Making the connection therefore that the true meaning yoga of: 

  • "being" = meditation and a choicel-ess awareness. A complete detachment of outcomes (breathing, going through the poses, giving your best effort)
  • "feeling" = love and compassion.  There is no intimidation through being polite, no created dramas, no stubborness, no indifference, no fear, no guilt; only love and compassion. (you CAN improve your strength and flexibility and see noticeable changes with each session)
  • "thinking" = the ultimate knowledge of our own consciousness; where our minds join with the universal mind for creativity through syncronicity (becoming part of a group, a movement, a mindset that is calm, relaxed, mindful, inspired, uplifting and motivated to get to a higher level of self)
  • "doing" = karma yoga; having no selfish motivation for your actions, and completely detached from the outcomes. There is a conscious and subconscious knowing that the universe will handle the details when you conduct yourself in this way. (pursuing new and challenging physical and spiritual practices will grow you as a person in ways that you cannot presently identify, but acknowledge the awareness of consistent practice making for growth)   

 RumiUniverseAnytime we try something new, we learn, make mistakes and grow.  By putting our physical bodies through a new regimen; creating muscle confusion and a new headspace, we allow ourselves to become a new and improved version of ourselves.  This of course also helps us to avoid repetitive motion injuries that will ultimately stop us in our tracks and thwart progress.  

There is no right or wrong modality for fitness.  But regularly moving your all parts of your body in different ways, will move your mind and soul toward yoga.  This is where the true mind/body transformation begins.  Pat yourself on the back for trying and keeping at it.  If you can't reach your back, get into yoga!


Sources: www.deepakchopra.com


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