Taste the Rainbow of Fruit Flavors

Posted on August 3, 2013

 TastetheRainbowRemember the commercial for the sour and sugary candy that came in vibrant rainbow colors and promised to have real fruit flavors?  Did you know that the actually fruit actually tastes that good, and contains vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that help your body to thrive?

I used be the pickiest eater in the world!  I "knew" what was healthy for me, I just didn't care to eat it.  I made a (foolish) decision in my head that "I didn't like it," without ever really trying it.

Now I eat everything! Okay, well maybe not bananas and pineapple--still don't like them, but everything else!  (we're all allowed preferences!)

After years of struggling with chronic health issues, adding in whole foods to my diet that made the remarkable difference.  The human body is a self-cleaning, bacteria fighting self-sufficient organism--when fed the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients it needs to increase immune function, and therefore all body systems.

Did you know that childhood diets are the major cause of adult cancers? When we put things into our bodies when we're young that by-pass natural processes leaving toxicity, we pay a price.  Our bodies are vulnerable to damage.  BodyMachine

 It's not getting older that's the problem.  It's all the years of consuming vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient deficient diets.  My diet used to consist of: cereal and OJ, a microwave "healthy" meal for lunch, and either cereal or pasta for dinner.  I occasionally snacked on an apple, grapes or blueberries--but that was in my early adult working life.  Cookies, candy like jelly beans and Twizzlers and (low fat) ice cream were always part of the equation. Fruits and vegetables were limited and scarcely eaten, but synthetic fruits with artificial flavors that taste just like the real thing--I couldn't get enough of!

As Oprah famously said, "You aren't to blame for what you didn't know then, but now that you know, you must do better."  Therfore as adults, because we know better, we need to overcompensate and maximally fuel mechanisms in the cells that repair DNA.

Now we know, we can do better! I have done better for myself and continue to do better everyday. Let's continue the conversation and see how I may support you!  www.healthallie.com/healthcoaching



The Nutritarian Handbook, by Dr. Joel Furhman