Why Eat Raw Foods?

Posted on July 29, 2013

 Raw FoodsYou may have heard about the Raw Food Revolution? Raw foods and superfoods have actually been around for centuries, but becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to increase their energy, health and environmentally responsible lifestyles.  Science indicates that plant enzymes convert certain phytochemicals into their active forms, thus we feel the benefit of nutrient absorption.

This does not necessarily mean no cooking at all.  But cooking vegetables to about 118 degrees.  This can be achieved by steaming and simmering.  If you boil vegetables, use the broth as a soup or drink, as the vitamins will be released at boiling point.  

Raw foods can aid in the digestive process, promote faster healing in the body and the best part: meals can be prepared within minutes! This really helps us folks who are always on the go.  Feel free to download the guide below and learn how to preserve raw foods for long-lasting freshness and try out great fast and delicious recipes :)


Raw Foods Guide