Bacteria is the New Black

We're taught that bacteria is bad, just like cholesterol.  But these things have gotten a bad rap, mostly because they've been misunderstood.  We couldn't survive without bacteria. 80% of it actually improves out health.  What's considered "bad bacteria" is only "bad" because it's been allowed to proliferate, or be separated from the place where they're needed.  This happens thanks in part to stress, eating too much white flour, excess sugar, antibiotics, medications and so much more.  As for cholesterol, it exists to patch up holes in our arteries caused by several diet and lifestyle factors.  But cholesterol itself is not the villain.  It should be seen as a clue that something else in our lives need to be changed, or we should begin to look for other warning signs, like gum disease

Our gut bacteria can be thought of as a conductor of the grand orchestra of body functions and processes happening inside of us all the time. The microbiome allowBacterias the gut wall to absorb nutrients and keep out toxins, and also influences the immune system. These teeny tiny guys have a profound role in sending appropriate messages to the brain. Which in turn, orchestrates the right nutrients getting throughout the body. 

So then how should we tend to this microbiota garden?  Researchers found over 60 dietary factors that influence gut diversity.  And sorry to say, eating a Western diet actually damages your gut over generations, making it that much harder to reverse. Consuming things like sugary drinks, milk, too many refined carbohydrates, sugar, drugs, antibiotics, even prescription medications.  Conversely, eating gluten free, plant foods, fermented foods, healthy proteins, and vegetables.  Okay, so maybe not a surprise, but don't fret, drinking coffee, tea, and wine are associated with a healthier and more diverse community of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and viruses that live on and in our bodies.  We truly are what we eat and drink! 

As Deepak Chopra talks about, our bodies are not things, but processes in consciousness. Through consciousness, we can change the physical body.  Our minds, brains, genetics, epigenome and microbiome.  There's an entire ecology inside all of us.  When we foster peace and love on the inside, it will present itself on the outside.  Turns out understanding and fostering the diversity in our microbiome is the most powerful modality of treatment to prevent disease and healing of so many of the chronic diseases that so often allude us.  


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