Prescience of a Cartoon PSA

wisdomHow many things did we not know "then," but wish we did?  How much money would we had saved, suffering could we have spared ourselves, or lives had been saved had we known then what we know now. Unfortunately, we can't turn back time.  The nature of life is to progress.  So we can do better.  It is our moral imperative to do better.  Who are we if we're not learning and growing and becoming better?  Better than who we were yesterday, last month, last year and the year before that.  

Like fine wine, we are designed to get better with age.  It's true!  We're not supposed to fall apart, have aches and pain, weight gain, brain fog, and lose our faculties. Scientists say humans are designed to live until 120 years old!! And I think you would agree, we want to be living, not confined to a chair, bed or home.  So how can we do this?  It starts, perhaps, by changing some of the things we used to do, or always did, but have now learned aren't so good for us.  It's not your fault that you didn't know about pesticides on your food and how it effects our bodies, lead in products and what it does to our brains, or radiation from cellphones and microwaves and how it promotes cancer.  You're not expected to be omniscient.  But you are expected, and encouraged, to be present, curious and open to new thoughts, ideas, facts, and how they might change your life.

When people talk about genetics and the gloom and doom that can Epigenticssometimes come along with that, I want to shake them silly.  Our genetics makes us who we are, but our environment and the things we do with and to our genetics are want enable us to thrive, or succumb to disease.  If we eat the same way as our obese and diabetic parents and grandparents ate, then our risk of suffering the same fate are greater.  If we take that as a warning sign, and course correct by implementing new diet and lifestyle strategies, our risk goes down and the likelihood of our developing the symptoms decreases.  We don't need to feel trapped and cursed, or wish we were born as someone else, we just have to make some changes.  Be proactive.  Notice subtle signs your body tells you and take heed.  The more we take care of ourselves, and our brains in particular, the more readily we'll be able to face upcoming challenges and nip them in the bud.  But if we're lax, and wait for signs to smack us in the face, it may already be too late.  And when it's your brain that goes, heck, you might not even know, but everyone around you sure will.  That sounds like a terrifying place to be.  Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!