Diet Shmiet

DIETAs thinking, feeling human beings, we are programmed to grow and evolve. It is the law of nature to grow.  

When things stop growing, they die.

Our bodies are always growing and changing, even after we stop growing in height.  We also can, and should, expand our minds.  New studies come out everyday shedding light on what we once thought to be true. De-bunking the old accepted theory.

We have to open to change and certainly if the old way of thinking and doing no longer serves us.   That includes re-evaluating how we think about things like gluten, organics and vitamins. 

Let's start with gluten:  Oy!  Nearly 3 million people, or 1% of the American population, have Celiac Disease. It's a serious autoimmune condition where gluten (a protein found in many grains like wheat, barley and rye) causes an acute immune response and damages the small intestine. This is where we absorb the nutrients in our food.  So in addition to excruciating pain, Celiac sufferers can develop a host of other issues and disorders from the nutrient deficiencies.  This is no joke.  However, about 6% of the population have non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and still others have a mild intolerance to gluten. glutenfree

Many people find that removing gluten from the diet clears their skin, brain fog, their joints feel better and almost immediately experience less bloating and digestive distress.  There has also been great success with children on the spectrum improving their mental, emotional and social skills by removing gluten. It can be quite remarkable! 

However, going gluten free is in no way meant to be a "weight loss" diet.  Although many will lose weight...gluten free should not be considered a "fad" where people roll their eyes. Gluten actually causes many people a lot of grief.  

There are also ways to go gluten free in an un-healthy way.  Gluten free does not mean carb free.

Gluten free does not mean buy all sorts of pretzels, breads, cookies, candies and bars because they are "gluten free."  That's still junk!  We still want to make sure that we're still eating plenty of fiber and B vitamins that are found in grains. The good news is they're also found in veggies, beans and gluten free grains like amaranth, quinoa and millet, as well as seeds.  

See, there's nothing to sweat.  No matter what your needs, we'll find the right combination for you! :)

This is the perfect segue to talk about organics.  The truth is, our parents and certainly grandparents grew up eating organic food, only they just called it food. 


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Nowadays to find the organic food is really hard as everything has a combination of some chemicals and other things. We are not even sure that which we are eating could be healthy for us or not? I'm sure able to grab helpful material form this website.