Sabotage is an Inside Job

Hey! Where did you go?

Why did you quit?

You were doing so well!

What happened?!?

You start seeing results, you're on the path to having everything you've ever wanted and then you sabotage it all!

You stop showing up.

You backslide.

You cheat "just a little"...

Does this sound familiar?

It was the story of my life. And part of the reason it took me so long to stop struggling.

I would quit.

If I didn't like it, I'd quit.

If it got too hard, I'd quit.

If it wasn't happening fast enough, I'd quit.

Even though I was losing the weight, healing the pain, losing the inflammation...there was a part of me that would throw the game.

Why in the hell would I do that?!?!

They call it self-sabotage--I was the queen of it! They actually started calling it, "Pulling an Allison"

Whether it was a relationship, a job or my health, I'd do something to screw it up, just when it was getting GOOD.

Well, I wasn't doing it, it was my alter ego I've recently named "Shrinking Shirley."

That bitch has been screwing with me for years! ????

And I've let her.

Because she only had the best of intentions.  ????

She didn't want me to get my heart broken--so I'll break the hearts!

She didn't want me to accelerate my career too fast, I might "skin my knees," -- so I'll get bypassed for the promotion (phew!)

She didn't want me to be like everyone else (who wasn't in pain) -- so if I have to sit out, leave early to see a specialist, get special chairs, foot rests and piggy back rides, I'll get more attention...(yay)

Every sabotaging thing I did, that YOU do, is for protection.

You didn't quit because you suck, are no good and a failure.

You quit because the new "unknown" reality can be scary.

What if everything I've been working for is not all it's cracked up to be?

What if all this has been a waste of time?

So let me just prove that to be true and make it so!  ????

I'll just avoid it.

Stop showing up.

Ignore everything I've learned. Everything that worked. All the advice that was resonating with me.

And then I get to continue to hold on to that weight, pain and illness for another few years  ????



Yeah...been there. Done that.  ????

When you learn to recognize that the voice who's calling the shots in your head might not be yours, then you can get back into your power. You can begin to show up again for yourself. You can reach (and surpass!) the goals you have set out for yourself.

ONLY when you stop resisting your own strength and giving it over to someone else (alter ego ______) will you truly feel powerful, proud and successful.

So if you're thinking about quitting--first find out who's calling the shots and then maybe do some firing...


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