Cranberry, Berry Good

When you think of the Thanksgiving table, you think one absolute necessity as being good ole American grown cranberries!

At my house it was a cranberry mold -- which I never touched because it had pieces of orange and walnuts in it and I was too picky!

And also cranberry sauce -- which I never touched because it came in a can, slithered out of than can onto a plate and kept the shape and mold of said can. (Which I understand is part of the appeal!)

But if your memories of cranberries are like mine--forget 'em! Let's make new ones because cranberries, in the raw, are a superfood with a superb tart taste for fall and winter!  

Did you know that wild cranberries outrank every other fruit and veggie in the anti-oxidant category other than blueberries?!?

That's one reason they're great for blocking bacteria from sticking to cell walls in the event of a urinary tract infection and some studies even show that prevent the formation of plaque on your teeth!

Cranberries are great paired with other citrus fruits, nuts, or dried over salad or cereal, or even baked into muffins or turned into relish!  Just don't wash 'em until you're ready to eat them because they'll get moldy and mushy.  

If you find a mushy one, get rid of it or it will turn the whole batch bad.

Shall we drink to that? Oh yeah--you can make drinks out of cranberries too! With or without alcohol this is an anti-aging food worth celebrating this holiday season and year round!

To your health!


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