Eating Your Feelings?

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Whenever I find myself getting seconds, thirds, or standing over the cookie box or cake pan with a fork in hand--it's not really about the food.


It's not about being hungry.


It's not about "loving cake" so much!


It's about filling a need, avoiding a feeling, or feeling sad, lonely and sorry.


A great reframe is to first, put down that fork.  Close the cookie box.  Step away from the muffins...!


And let yourself feel what you're feeling--but only for a moment.
Then take stock of ALL. THAT. YOU. HAVE.

Even those of us who have very little (lost our jobs, our homes, bank account is depleted, family members have left or died, our jobs are miserable, we can't be with the ones we love

If you have a roof over your head (even if you don't own the roof!)

If you have food in the kitchen (even if you didn't buy that food!)

If you have people (or animals!) in your life who love you (even if you don't see them much)

If you are alive (even if you're not feeling well!)

You are lucky.  You are rich. You are valuable. You don't need to polish off a box of cookies to feel alive.

Honestly, I always feel awful (fat, bloated, ashamed) when I do it.  So if I can just be grateful for the muffin, or 2, in the moment.

Enjoy it.  Savor it. Chew it.  Be proud of what I (or whomever) made it. 

Staying in the moment -- not the past, nor the future, but THE NOW will keep you satisfied with 1 (or 2) helpings of treats.  

You won't need to go overboard.  You won't "need" to stuff your face.

You'll feel full when you should and move on.

Our feelings, or not feeling our feelings, can make us fat.

It's not always about the food (certainly plays a ROLE!) But sometimes, if we're not tending to our emotional needs, we can end up devouring a whole cake and that doesn't help any situation that was bringing you down in the first place!

Dealing with our emotions and experiences from our past (and present) are key to making chronic health issues transform.

This is one part of what I do in my work and a step in the Healthy Without Struggle Blueprint.

Once we dig past this layer, uncover the dirt and clear it away (not throw it away, but get to a neutral foundation) we can set up conditions for success.  

For long-term, sustainable success--LONG after we're done working together. 

Click to apply (I only work with SERIOUS people who are COMMITTED to their results.  I cannot be more committed to you than you are!)


To your health!


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