The Morning After

I have countless stories and clients to celebrate, but the underlying concept is this:

they all are dedicated to their own success.

They didn't let a holiday, an event, a life experience derail them. If they fell off the horse (ok, who hasn't?), they got right back up and re-committed. 

That's when the accountability part of our relationship REALLY kicks in.  They're hungry for information and experimentation to see what works best for their unique bio-individuality.

The key to note here is that they're not hungry for food ???? because everything we do revolves around food (and not deprivation)!!

So what do you do after you've had that big holiday meal.  You over-did it a little. You let yourself indulge.  Now what?

For some it's an excuse to throw in the towel. The damage is done, might as well quit now.  Heck, there are more holidays and parties on the horizon, I'll just wait til next year to start again...

But not for you!  You're here because you're pro-active, understand healing your body and losing weight sustainably takes time. 

It doesn't always fit into a neat timeline wrapped up in a bow (because: life!). 

So in that case, we have tools.  

Interventions.  Things we healthy, active people know to do as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Here's a great one I recommend to keep you on track and help cleanse you out.


The sprouts are one of the nutritious around providing you with the protein, B Vitamins and zinc all vital for immune function. 

And all those glorious leafy greens support your body's natural detoxification processes. 


It's the perfect place to start on the morning after a big indulgence.  Clean it all out and you can begin again, right from where you left off ????

Wishing you continued health and happiness this season and always! 



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