Healthy "on the go" Programs

I currently offer four different Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Programs designed to suit your needs, desires and budget.  It is my firm belief that we CAN create last changes to our health and well-being no matter what your genetics may seem to predict. 

Our DNA is a roadmap that we can choose to follow along mindlessly, or take alternate routes to get through the accidents and congestion that may develop along the path to optimum health.  As the saying goes, our genetics load the gun, and our environment pulls the trigger. In this case, environment being what we put in our internal environment (body) to what surrounds our external environment (home, work, love life, exercise, household and personal care products, etc.)  We look at the whole picture.
At Health Allie, we understand that troubling family health history, whether it's heart disease, obesity, digestive disorders or chronic pain, may play a role in your wellbeing--we've been there.  Genetics do predispose us to this and that, our inner an outer environments can either activate or deactivate genes to promote health or disease. We can evolve from there.  Each and every one of us has the power to change our lifestyle habits, diet and ultimately our wellness--if we choose to.  Working with a Health Coach can help navigate the map and shine the light so we can clearly see the journey.  
We can always improve our condition, and we're confident one of the following programs will help guide you there.

12 Day Detox Jumpstart

Want to start a new healthy lifestyle regimen, but don't know where to begin?

This 12 Day Guide takes you step by Step through 12 days of:

  • whole food cleansing
  • learning how to read food labels
  • mastering the mindset of how and why you eat the way you do
  • learn new recipes
  • have this beautiful guide to keep as a reference and to track your progress!

Feelin' Fit FAST 28 Day Intensive

  • Radically improved health is right around the corner!
  • In just 28 Days, we break through the blocks that keep you from looking and feeling your best
  • Drop those last pesky pounds
  • Squelch chronic pain
  • Begin to feel revitalized 
We get you feeling fit & fabulous FAST.

Heal for Real 90 Day Revitalization

*Our Most Popular Program*                           

  • Get healthy on the go and learn how make your lifestyle healthier in just 3 months!
  • Great for people wanting to kickstart their Weight Loss or Break the Sugar Habit!
  • You've tried everything and nothing has worked!
  • You know there's got to be a better way!
  • Great for beginners and for those who have been through the healthcare system ringer!
  • We get right to heart of why you're stuck and break through that obstacle to create change and lasting habits that work for YOU!
  • Gain energy!
  • Improve Digestion!
  • Get done for you Meal Plans!
  • Sessions are conveniently on the phone or via Skype

Feel Fit Forevermore Total Body Transformation 

  • Learn how to reach your health goals with easy to implement positive changes within 6 months!
  • Gain Energy!
  • Improve Digestion!
  • No More Headaches or Joint Pain!
  • Break the Vicious Cycle of Gain 5 Pounds, Lose 5 Pounds!
  • Learn How to be Proactive and Proactive Preventative Habits!Learn How to Make Healthy Choices in Restaurants and at the Markets
  • Get Done for you Meal Plans!
  • Sessions are conveniently on the phone or via Skype


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